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The Storyteller magazine will be going through a transitional stage these next few months. With the costs of printing and postage skyrocketing, we are no longer able to provide a “magazine sized” print version.

However, we are working on getting the magazine online for you to purchase from our website (as well as subscriptions) and from www.magzter.com. Magzter will allow those who wish to purchase an online version through them for IPods, IPads, desktops, etc. But they do not provide subscriptions for the year. We’re working on getting that incorporated through our website online version.

We are also working on having a print version for those who wish to hold it in their hands. It will no longer be a magazine format style, but a book format instead. And our name will change from The Storyteller to The Storyteller Anthology Magazine. This way you will be able to purchase a print version from Amazon and Barnes and Noble each quarter. 

Hopefully, in this way, we’ll be able to satisfy both those who wish an online version and those wanting a print version. We’ve been asked by so many of our contributors and subscribers not to let The Storyteller fall by the wayside and close down and we’re trying our best not to let that happen. 

There may be some good news along with this as well. Without the high printing and postage costs, we’re hoping we’ll be able to pay our writers in the near future. But we do ask that you get the word out about our changes and encourage your friends and family to purchase copies, either in print or online. 

We are hoping we can keep the costs down enough by doing things this way that we will be able to keep the cost of the print and online version at $8.00 per issue. If we are able to offer subscriptions from our website, that too, will stay the same at $24.00. This would be the same for Canada and foreign as well. If you have any questions, please contact us at the above email address.

Harvard University has now included the Storyteller in their publication-- Magazines for Libraries. It is a world wide publication.

The Storyteller is listed in the 101 Best of the Magazine Markets for 2006-2011, along with an interview with editor Regina Williams. It is also listed in "The Best of the Magazine Markets for Writers 2009-2011. The Storyteller is 72 pages. We accept all genres except children's stories, pornography, erotica, new age, graphic horror, graphic violence, graphic language, nor do we accept anything deemed racial or biased toward any religion, race, or moral preference. We acquire First North American Rights only. This means that once your story/poem has appeared in print with us, you are free to submit the story/poem elsewhere. We do offer reprint rights.

 The Storyteller is unique. We are available to answer questions from writers about writing. Whether it's how to set up a manuscript, understanding copyright laws or general questions about publishing or writing, we'll try to help in any way we can. We also strive to get a reply back to you within one week, two at the most. With us, you don't have to wait for months to know if your manuscript has been accepted or not. IF you have included a SASE. 
Without one, we will not respond. 

The Storyteller is an international magazine that not only goes to every state in the U.S., but 18 foreign countries as well.

The Storyteller has been publishing the best of new and experienced writers since June 1996, and we look forward to many more years.

The Storyteller
65 Hwy. 328 W.
Maynard, AR 72444


PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR NEW VENTURE! We are now a publishing company and are looking for new clients. www.mockingbirdlanepress.com



We accept all genres, but please remember this is a family magazine and submit accordingly in fiction, non-fiction, essays and poetry. We DO NOT accept pornography, erotica, horror, graphic language, graphic violence, children's stories, or anything deemed racial or biased toward any religion, race or moral preference. We acquire first North American rights only. Once the story has appeared in print in The Storyteller, all rights revert to author. Send complete manuscript with cover letter. Please include your name, address, phone number and email (if you have one) on the first page of the manuscript, along with accurate word count.
At this time, we are only accepting stories by snail mail, but once you've been accepted for publication, we do ask that you send us an electronic copy in the body of the email. (If you do not have access to a computer, we will use the hard copy.) Canadian and foreign submissions are accepted by email. Please include your name, address, phone number and email along with your submission. If you do submit by email--and we DO NOT encourage it--it will be a longer wait for a reply. We would rather you did not submit by email unless international.

Writers of short stories, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as essays, should send a 4 to 5 line bio either with the original hard copy or with the electronic copy.

 All stories should be double-spaced. We will not read single-spaced manuscripts (unless its poetry) nor will we read anything hand-written.

 Always include a SASE. ALWAYS. 

All short stories 2,500 words MAX

Do not send more than two stories at a time. We welcome new writers, but please learn to submit in proper format.
Read the guidelines carefully. That is one of the biggest reasons for rejections--writers ignoring the guidelines.

If your story or poem is accepted for publication, please do not submit again for at least six months. 


We accept all forms of poetry up to 40 lines. The same restrictions apply here as to the short stories for content in your poetry. No graphic anything. Submit only three poems at a time.

We do accept reprints, but author must indicate where and when the piece was first published. If we get in trouble with the other publications--so will you.

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but PLEASE make sure you tell us that in your cover letter. And be sure to let either me or the other editor know if it's been accepted by one or the other publication.

Due to the economy and a slow-down of subscriptions, all payments have been suspended at this time. We  hope to continue payments in the near future. Please bear with us.

We DO NOT provide contributors copies at this time, (see above) but with your support, that could change. Please consider a subscription or even a single copy order from our online store, or you can order directly from us.

 It is our intention and goal that everyone will find at least one story or poem they enjoy in the magazine. We rely on the generosity of our subscribers in our quest to bring a quality magazine to the public. Give us a chance; we think you'll be pleased.

(if ordering directly through us, please be sure to indicate which copy you want to purchase.)


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