All contest deadline have been extended due to low submissions. We thank the entries who have submitted thus far. If you need to pull your submission for publication needs, let us know and we will understand. The deadlines for all contests is now November 1, 2019.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. .We would like to also say, that if there are no more entries by November 1, we will be refunding any money sent to us for the contests.

The Storyteller Magazine's email has been compromised. Please send emails to Regina 

Also, please keep in mind, our address has changed as well. The new address is:

The Storyteller Magazine

65 Hwy 328 West

Maynard, Arkansas


Thank you, sorry for this inconvenience. 

The Storyteller magazine has been going through a transitional stage these next few months. With the costs of printing and postage skyrocketing, we are no longer able to provide a “magazine sized” print version. It will be available through Amazon, B&, Kindle, and Nook.


It will no longer be a magazine format style, but a book format instead. And our name will change from The Storyteller to The Storyteller Anthology Magazine. This way you will be able to purchase a print version from Amazon and Barnes and Noble each quarter. 


We’ve been asked by so many of our contributors and subscribers not to let The Storyteller fall by the wayside and close down and we’re trying our best not to let that happen. There may be some good news along with this as well. Without the high printing and postage costs, we’re hoping we’ll be able to pay our writers in the near future. But we do ask that you get the word out about our changes and encourage your friends and family to purchase copies, either in print or online.


 We are hoping we can keep the costs down enough by doing things this way that we will be able to keep the cost of the print and online version at $8.99 + shipping and handling per issue.  At this time we aren't offering subscriptions. We hope to change that at a later date.

Calling for submissions for 2019!

Especially interested in fiction, although poetry and non-fiction accepted as well.

Harvard University has now included the Storyteller in their publication-- Magazines for Libraries. It is a world wide publication.


The Storyteller is listed in the 101 Best of the Magazine Markets for 2006-2011, along with an interview with editor Regina Riney. It is also listed in "The Best of the Magazine Markets for Writers 2009-2011. The Storyteller is about 200 pages. We accept all genres except children's stories, pornography, erotica, new age, graphic horror, graphic violence, graphic language, nor do we accept anything deemed racial or biased toward any religion, race, or moral preference. We acquire First North American Rights only. This means that once your story/poem has appeared in print with us, you are free to submit the story/poem elsewhere. We do offer reprint rights.

 The Storyteller is unique. We are available to answer questions from writers about writing. Whether it's how to set up a manuscript, understanding copyright laws or general questions about publishing or writing, we'll try to help in any way we can. We also strive to get a reply back to you within one week, two at the most. With us, you don't have to wait for months to know if your manuscript has been accepted or not. IF you have included a SASE. 
Without one, we will not respond. 

The Storyteller is an international magazine that not only goes to every state in the U.S., but 18 foreign countries as well.

The Storyteller has been publishing the best of new and experienced writers since June 1996, and we look forward to many more years.