I have had two short stories published through The Storyteller, and I can say unequivocably that Regina Williams was a dream editor. She was very kind and supportive in each of her acceptances to my work and always responsive (in fact almost immediately) to any question I had. I recommend her highly! Sarah Mallery ​

Critique Service For critique or editing a short story or novel, we charge $2.00-to $4.00 per page depending on the amount of editing is needed.

Regina, First of all, your editing has taught me more about my writing than any workshop I attended, book I read, or person I know. I don't have any questions, just a heart filled with gratitude for helping me by showing what I need to do. Thank you for your professionalism and wonderful editing skils. Tamara L. Finn​

I hope I am not taking undo advantage of your editing program, but you helped me so much you're on your edit of my story, that I will use your services until I stop writing--and that's not ever going to happen. Your editing service is better than cake and ice cream for someone like me. Patricia O'Hanlon
I sent my first story to Regina for some much needed help. "Under Nebraska Skies," went back and forth as she helped me flesh out the storyline and add depth to my characters. I had no clue what internalization was until I began working with Regina. She also impressed on me the importance of "show not tell." At her suggstion, once we were both satisfied with it, "Under Nebraska Skies," was submitted to and published by Wanderings on both the web site and print edition. In addition, this story won second place in the 2008 Aspiring Writers Writing Contest. Even today, I still turn to Regina for help and questions about writing. I would not be the writer I am today had I not had the assistance and guidence of Regina Williams. "Under Nebraska Skies," was reprinted in both The Storyteller and Western Trail Blazer.  Les Williams (no relation)